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Plastic model kits of military vehicles of 1/72 scale.

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Mathews Lost Camo by Gamehide


This is a good place who likes plastic model kits of military vehicles. This site for all: modelers, distributors and who likes history.

Dear Visitors, Please click "PLAY" button below and see Liquid Armor applications in Defense.

Dear Modelers, Please Pay Your ATTENTION to the following information :The model kit under PST's catalogue number of 72060 of the 'Multifunctional Radar Vehicle' for the SA-10 'Grumble' ADS' will be packed with PVC tires at once. You do not need to buy the same accessory for THIS model kit additionally!

Accessories for model kits of the 1/72 scale:

Cat.No A001 - 'Display case' for the assembled models. It is the transparent plastic box: H=54mm, W=63 mm, L=164 mm.

Important! There is no any injection runner trace on the top surface of the transparent part of the display case. The bottom part of the display case is not transparent. The bottom part may be colored or not. There is the possibility to easy join two cases with each other. Click and look at the display case picture here!

Cat.No A002 - 'The tires for the MAZ tractors'. There are eight (8) tyres into one packed bag. They emulate real rubber tyres and should be used instead of the hard plastic tires from kits (SA-10 'Grumble' ADS).

Cat.No A003 - 'Track links for KV,IS,ISU Soviet tanks'. There are forty eight (48) track shoes on the sprue . They should be applied to models of different manufacturers.

Recent News:

You have possibility to see the art-top-boxes of Studebaker US6 and BZ-35S Fuel Truck if You Click here!

and of Rocket Launchers 'Katjusha' in Gallery of art-tops

If you would like to see independent previews and reviews of our plastic model kits have been made by modelers from different countries, please click on a link from "Description.." column:

Description of reviewed models Author Country
Russisches Sturmgeschьtz ISU-122   Thomas Arp Germany
Der schwere Panzer KV-II Thomas Arp Germany
IS-2MT Armoured Tow Tractor   Matt Bittner USA
IS-1 Heavy tank Matt Bittner USA
KV-85 and KV-122 Heavy tanks Matt Bittner USA
ZIS-42 Half truck Stephen Brezinski USA
IS-2 Heavy tank Stephen Brezinski USA
PT-76B Light Amphibious  tank Stephen Brezinski USA
ISU-122 Self-propelled gun Doug Chaltry USA
All model kits of KV-series tanks Doug Chaltry USA
T-54 and T-55 Medium tanks Doug Chaltry USA
KV-2 Heavy tank Tom Faith USA
KV-1A and KV-1E Heavy tanks Duane Fleck USA
Pz.Kpfw.753(r) mit 7,5KwK 40 and Pz.Kpfw I/IA 753 (r) Heavy tanks Brett Green USA
GMC and Studebaker trucks Brett Green USA
Pz.Kpfw.754(r)Heavy Tank (German) and KV-T Armoured Tow Tractor Brett Green USA
61-K AA Gun and ISU-152 Heavy SPG Ilya Grinberg USA
T-54/54A - Medium tank Cookie Sewell USA
KV-122 Heavy tank Brent Theobald USA
KV-85 Heavy tank Augusto Versiani USA

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